The Cruise of the Condor

The Cruise of the Condor

Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Just started painting 'The Lost World' contingent:

From left to right that's Lord John Roxton, Margueritte Krux, Professor Challenger, Veronica Layton, Professor Summerlee and Edward Malone.

I've also started the rest of Tintin's companions, left to right: Professor Calculus, Bianca Castafiore, Thompson, Captain Haddock and Thomson.
Work in progress shots of the dockyard:

It looks like the Ovaltine van and Cockermouth Mountain Rescue have arrived to help build the lighthouse.

Although at the beginning there were pirate ships in the harbour, they've now been replaced by steam MTBs.
I say, Carruthers, someone's pinched our wheels............
So they have Pinkington-Smythe, so they have........................
At last, some figures on the board...........................Tintin and Snowy make their first appearance.
And that looks like Sam Baker at the back, probably about to rescue Florence from the slave traders. I think I got the statue out of a Kinder egg!
This is the start of the dock area, based on MDF with battens filled with polystyrene. The stone effect is just pencilled into some foam card.

As I was making the dock area (from Foundry's Compendium) I thought it would work well with other periods. I've been collecting 28mm Victorians, Darkest Africa and Pulp.

I started out wanting to build a pirate port because I had some really nice 28mm pirates.
I built the tower out of foam (found the inspiration on Tom's Boring Mordheim) and the jetty is matchsticks and coffee-stirrers.