The Cruise of the Condor

The Cruise of the Condor

Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Here's Anck-su-namun with some of her evil henchmen preparing to interfere with Ricky T. Bridge's expedition to find the long lost tomb of the Pharoah Kih-Oskh.

Sunday, 16 September 2012

Hamunaptra Expedition

Professor Ricky T. Bridge F.R.S. and Doctor Cholmondley-Warner C.D.M. pose for a photograph at the start of their expedition to Hamunaptra in 1924. They are accompanied by their faithful bearer Euan Huzarmi. Let's hope the expedition truck will stand up to the journey!

Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Some more has been taking place at Hamunaptra and the entrance to the tomb of the Pharoah Ki-Oskh.

The entrance to the tomb............

The oasis, looks a bit dry at the moment.

The view from above. Next steps to paint the ground, trees and finish the tomb entrance.

Tuesday, 17 July 2012

I managed to finish painting some more figures this week......

First off was a mummy from the tomb of the Pharoah Kih-Oskh......

And then Colonel Raymond (Biggles' boss).....

Captain John Yossarian of 256th Squadron, USAAF.....

Tintin and Snowy.......

Unterfeldwebel Gunther Lunch........

The famous explorer, Sir Stanley Baker......

and Sir Stanley's faithful manservant Euan Huzarmy.

Thursday, 12 July 2012

I have now started a board for the desert part of my game. The blue foamboard is going to be a partially excavated Egyptian temple which will provide the entrance into the underground part of the game. This may lead to the tomb of the Pharoah Kih-Oskh and his Queen, Nevertitty.

Wednesday, 13 June 2012

I am re-reading my old collection of The Saint books by Leslie Charteris. They are superb and The Saint Closes The Case is great inspiration for a pulp game; a mad professor whom the Saint kidnaps, the Saint's girl (Patricia Holm) kidnapped by Dr. Rayt Marius (the evil genius), an electroncloud machine which the British secret service and a foreign Crown Prince are trying to get hold of! Also, a big shoot-out at the end and Norman Kent, the Saint's lieutenant goes to meet his maker in saintly style.

The shoot-out takes place at the Saint's house in Maidenhead. Marius' henchmen are lining the hedge shooting in (the police are on their way), there's a car with the engine running outside, two boats in the river at the bottom of the garden and a stand-off in the house with the Saint, Norman Kent, the Crown Prince, Rayt Marius and a British Secret Service agent. Patricia is loose in the house with a gun and the Professor is down in the cellar, shot dead by Norman Kent. Norman Kent has the professor's notes on how to build an electroncloud machine. What a scenario!

Sunday, 3 June 2012

I bought these figures after seeing them on 28mm Victorian Warfare. They are from Mutton Chop and are superb. Sid James and Charles Hawtrey to the life! All I need is 'Babs' Windsor!

Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Just started painting 'The Lost World' contingent:

From left to right that's Lord John Roxton, Margueritte Krux, Professor Challenger, Veronica Layton, Professor Summerlee and Edward Malone.

I've also started the rest of Tintin's companions, left to right: Professor Calculus, Bianca Castafiore, Thompson, Captain Haddock and Thomson.
Work in progress shots of the dockyard:

It looks like the Ovaltine van and Cockermouth Mountain Rescue have arrived to help build the lighthouse.

Although at the beginning there were pirate ships in the harbour, they've now been replaced by steam MTBs.
I say, Carruthers, someone's pinched our wheels............
So they have Pinkington-Smythe, so they have........................
At last, some figures on the board...........................Tintin and Snowy make their first appearance.
And that looks like Sam Baker at the back, probably about to rescue Florence from the slave traders. I think I got the statue out of a Kinder egg!
This is the start of the dock area, based on MDF with battens filled with polystyrene. The stone effect is just pencilled into some foam card.

As I was making the dock area (from Foundry's Compendium) I thought it would work well with other periods. I've been collecting 28mm Victorians, Darkest Africa and Pulp.

I started out wanting to build a pirate port because I had some really nice 28mm pirates.
I built the tower out of foam (found the inspiration on Tom's Boring Mordheim) and the jetty is matchsticks and coffee-stirrers.